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The ScientistBasic science: the primary steps, the start of recent information that grows and ultimately improve’s our lives. Because of science we people reside longer and we now have access to a complete slew of gadgetry that not only improves our lives, it enhances every thing about them. Satellite TV, smart phones, and computers are only a few of the many conveniences we get to enjoy. Advances in medical technology has extended our lives with an improved high quality of everyday life.

I joined ICAR IN May, 1978 as sr Cientist in the pay scale of 1100-1600 and was assed for S3 after 5 years within the scale of 1500-2000 however was clubbed with S2 after IVth CPC We went to court (Dr SM Ilyas & othrers, 1992) and ICAR was directed to provide S3 scientist the dimensions of Rs. 4500-7300. and court stated that S2& S3 can’t be combined. In the Vth CPC, I was placed within the scale of 16400-22400. While in the VIth CPC again, they’re speaking about 19 years of service and sanctioned my pension together with Scientist S2. It appears that ICAR has developed habit of irritating their scientists even after retirement I wonder if the order of supreme courtroom is being neglected rather violated when they had expunged the ICAR order of mixing S3 and S2. Pl continue your campaign in opposition to ICAR which has perhaps probably the most court cases whose workers in search of justice.

Dear Dr R S Mehta, you became eligible for Principal Scientist after completion of minimum requirement of three years in PB IV. ICAR has already modified in considered one of its circular the eligibility for PS. First ICAR gave clarification that one has to function Senior scientist for eight years to develop into eligible for PS publish however in a while it issued a circular that a Scientist who has served either within the scale of Sr. Scientist or equivalent scale becomes eligible for PS publish. If you take a look at current advertisements (20110 for the submit of PS, you’ll observe that essential requirement just isn’t Senior Scientist however scale of Sr. Scientist or equivalent. However, one need to possess Ph.D, as a vital qualification for PS submit.

Let’s focus on your question. There was a circular from ICAR stating that Scientists serving because the Scientist (SG) should serve eight years as Senior Scientist after acquiring Ph.D. to turn out to be eligible for Principal Scientist submit. However, ICAR amended this rule later and stipulated that eligibility for the PS can be Senior Scientist with with 8 years of experience or a Scientist with Ph.D having eight years of experience as senior scientist or in equivalent pay scale of Rs 12000-18300. This made Scientist (SG) eligible for promotion to PS after they purchase the Ph.D. if they have accomplished the required interval. This is sensible that scientists with Ph.D. having served three years in RGP 9000 eligible for promotion under CAS.

I labored as a training Associate in the pre revised pay scale of 2200-4000 in KVK of NGO for 15 month from Jan 1992 to March 1993 and subsequently joined ICAR as scientist in the same pay scale However, I got one increment in KVK but in ICAR, I was appointed within the minimal of the pay scale. I represented the institute the place I was place but they denied pay safety and the I represented to ICAR for pay protection however no reply acquired even after sending 2-3 reminder. I even have obtained three promotion in ICAR however my past 15 month service in KVK, NGO not thought of in CAS. However, I got three promotion primarily based on service in ICAR. Can I again pursue the matter for pay safety and counting of past service of 15 month in KVK NGO even after passing more than 20 years. Please information in order that I may take up the matter accordingly.