Creating Your Own Spooky Laboratory And Mad Science Themes

The ScientistBasic science: the primary steps, the start of recent information that grows and ultimately improve’s our lives. Because of science we people reside longer and we now have access to a complete slew of gadgetry that not only improves our lives, it enhances every thing about them. Satellite TV, smart phones, and computers are only a few of the many conveniences we get to enjoy. Advances in medical technology has extended our lives with an improved high quality of everyday life.

I joined ICAR IN May, 1978 as sr Cientist in the pay scale of 1100-1600 and was assed for S3 after 5 years within the scale of 1500-2000 however was clubbed with S2 after IVth CPC We went to court (Dr SM Ilyas & othrers, 1992) and ICAR was directed to provide S3 scientist the dimensions of Rs. 4500-7300. and court stated that S2& S3 can’t be combined. In …

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