How to declutter and redesign your closet

5 Hacks To Declutter Your Closet - California Closets

It is easy to be less mindful of keeping your clothes in order and end up cluttering your closet. This lessens your productivity and fashion game; you cannot be searching for your best clothes in a heap of clothes when you are some minutes due for your appointment. Here are tips for decluttering and redesigning your closet :

Change your home decorations

One of the best ways to declutter and redesign your house is to change your home decorations. This gives you the opportunity to rearrange your house. You most likely have been buying new objects in a way that doesn’t optimize your home space. You can read about home decoration companies to know the right type of closet you can get for your home while redecorating your home.

Get rid of clothes you don’t wear and turn your hangars around

As you are sorting through your clothes, you will come across things you don’t wear often. Ensure you let it go. It can be hard to let go of clothes you like but you rarely wear. Ensure the things you keep are what works for you. Only keep what looks good on you and enhances the powerful persona you are building. However, this rule does not apply to clothes for special occasions. Additionally, turn your hangers around. A lot of people don’t see a larger percentage of their clothes because their favourite 20% obstructs it. Turn all your hangers backwards and make plans to revisit your wardrobe in about 6 months. Every time you wear an outfit, place it on the hanger and hang it facing the right way. As you get rid of clothes you no longer need, you can restock by patronizing stores like I Saw It First Clothing.

Track your wears and the clothes on the laundry day

Another great method to use in decluttering your wardrobe is to track your wears. You can do this through an app or on a pen and paper. This way, you will be able to identify the clothes you wear often and those you rarely wear and can get rid of. Doing this provides an easy means of decluttering your clothes. You can also opt to pay attention to the clothes that didn’t make the laundry so that you will know which items cannot be worn. This can encourage you to wear some of the clothes you pass over in favour of your favourite clothes.

Make plans for repairs and give the clothes you don’t need to charity

Try on each of the clothes in your wardrobe so that you can know which fits you and which doesn’t it. You can get the second opinion in the clothes you eventually settled for. If there are items to adjust, give yourself deadlines to do so. You can plan to repair goals but never get around to repairing them. Also, give out the clothes you don’t want to charity or someone who better appreciates them more than you do. Some organizations collect such clothes for people who cannot afford to wear good clothes to job interviews, prom clothes, etc.

Create a capsule wardrobe and stop buying more clothes

A capsule wardrobe has only the pieces that you extremely need and fits you well. The pieces can be accessorized in multiple ways and they fit you well. Even though there are lots of rules for building a capsule wardrobe, ensure your capsule wardrobe is unique to you. Besides, stop buying more clothes. Focus on decluttering your closet first and wear all your clothes for some time before you hit the store to buy more.