How to add likes on Instagram without applications


How to multiply instagram likes without apps and coins. Instagram is already owned by various people, ranging from young people to adults. Apart from that, all of you want to multiply likes in each post, but do not know how.

The auto like application will worsen the security of your Instagram account, even if your account will be taken over by the auto-like maker and as a result you don’t get many likes on Instagram.


Multiply likes on Instagram photos using apps and auto followers, auto like Instagram is no longer effective, even having time to explore it will endanger your Instagram account if you use an auto-like application or site.


More dangerous isn’t it? Therefore, I will share how to add likes on Instagram so that your photo fans will increase.


This technique is commonly used when uploading photos on Instagram because the method used is very effective if you apply it to a personal account.


  1. Use Hastag (#)

Wearing his hashtag will affect a lot of people who like photo you upload. The nature of this hastag will display a photo of your upload to all the hastag that you gave in your photo description.

Using Hastag will multiply likes on Instagram, the proof is that there are many characters scattered every day that you can sample for your latest photos. This Hastag can only be written in photo captions 20 times, if you want more than that then you must use the tag in the comments.


  1. Adjust your passion

Passion or what we often call skill in certain fields, you can do this to increase Instagram likes. If your passion is related to travel, it’s easy enough to get lots of likes, why? Because many people like beautiful natural beauty.


Therefore, you should follow the current trend to multiply like in instagram. Because people prefer the name of current trends, not present selfies.


  1. Promotion using a business profile

Instagram business profile is already a lot of online businesses who use it. Therefore you have to try it if you want to multiply like photos on Instagram. But you must be able to pay a fee as a guarantee that uploaded photos will get a lot of likes.

There are also promotions that do not involve money or free of charge for likes. Simply spam like in some people you might know and later that person will also respond to you back with spam like to add likes to Instagram photos.


  1. Follow popular photos.

Imitating celebrity photo styles will also add to your likes. You try to photograph a scene, a tourist attraction or something more popular now, for example, a new tour, delicious food, and so on according to the style of the celebrity.

Sometimes you forget that the photos that are popular on social media are just an illusion or an edit. So don’t imitate their style that is too extreme and dangerous for your body. Instead of wanting to get a lot of likes but instead impacting your loss of life.


  1. Upload photos in casual hours

Adding a photo does not take into account the time it will affect the least likes. Upload photos at 7am, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm. The clock has an accurate potential for many active users.


  1. Photos with idol artists

Well, how to multiply likes on this one will also add so many likes in uploaded photos at that time. Photo by the artist will multiply love and netizen reactions to instagram. One of them takes a photo with the artist who is on the rise, it’s your golden opportunity to raise Instagram likes.


  1. Don’t overlap photos during the night

Have you done this one thing? Do not do it. because many people on Sunday nights are not busy in the real world. But make no mistake, even on Saturday night there is rarely anyone who likes your photos because Instagram users tend to teenagers and teenagers always go out late at weekends.


  1. Interact with friends on Instagram

Interacting fellow instagram users will also affect her a lot or not like you. By interacting you will establish a bond of friendship to the person you want to interact with. Interact in a trivial way, for example, comment on your friend’s photo.


  1. Mark friends

Marking a friend in your photo will raise a lot of likes. What’s more if you mark Instagram accounts that are already popular eg Instagram, Instadaily, Instafood and so on.



How to add likes on Instagram without apps and coins to get a lot of likes. All of this has been conveyed above and hopefully it will add to your insight so that likes of photos on Instagram are increasing.