5 Best Parking Space Ideas for Modern Car Rental Services

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If you have been looking for parking space ideas that will make your business flexible and cost-efficient, you just got to the right place.

Here are amazing parking space ideas for your modern car rental services.

1. Robotic or Automated Car Parking Gallery

Users of UK.collected.reviews  said that with this kind of car parking system, it is easy to retrieve cars from the well-lit entry and exit terminal. The system is well lit, the light was provided for security reasons. Cameras are also installed to monitor the parking space. More than one car can be in motion in this system. Vehicles can be turned at 180 degrees for easy entry and exit. This parking system can be built as wide as you want it, you can build one that can contain close to 29 vehicles.

2. 2-3 Layers Vertical Parking Car Puzzle Parking System

This system can be used by cheap car rental companies , it is a layered parking system that can accommodate few numbers of cars. This is an automated system that enables the vertical and horizontal movement of cars, just like in a puzzle. Its structure makes it easy for cars to be parked and taken out of the parking space. This system saves time because it has more than one entry point and it is easy to maintain.

3. Elevator Bob’s

This parking system is controlled automatically, it has a vertical mechanical device (a conveyor) and shelves arranged on both sides. The parking system can also include more rows of parking spaces on the sides of the conveyor. Vehicles are parked on the same side as the conveyor aisle. This is good for a long and narrow parking structure, the system can also be provided with more parking levels. A key switch control raises and lowers the three horizontal platforms. This makes it possible for vehicles to leave or enter the platforms. When movement becomes restricted, the vehicles can be controlled to aid movement.

4. MultiBase

This system can be used for heavy and high vehicles or SUVs that are as high as 215cm. This parking system saves space and is good for off-road vehicles. Cars with higher ceiling can be parked at the upper level of this system. This structure can contain few numbers of vehicles.

5.Turntable Car Parking System

This is an automated car parking system with an Auto-Rotating car turntable,  a high-speed car parking tower system that has lifts and a turntable. It is a beautiful parking space idea because renters will be able to have a full view of the car they want to hire.


You should adopt any of these ideas in your car rental service business to make your service delivery effective and efficient. They are modern parking space ideas that will make your business stand out. This will also ensure that less parking space is used which will reduce your cost of renting a car park for your business.