The Best Western TV Shows Of The 1950’s And 1960’s

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Scientists revealed that Anomalocaris was a major predator in the sea. Evidence that a predator Anomalocaris is a fossil trilobite and coprolite. Is a type of ancient arthropods trilobites and coprolite is one kind of dinosaur. Battams manage sites devoted to discuss the comet Lovejoy. The comet itself was discovered by two completely different spacecraft: NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) and the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which is operated collectively by NASA and European Space Agency (ESA). Comet Lovejoy sun broke via the corona round 07.00 am, at a distance of 140,000 kilometers from the surface of the Sun. Temperatures in the corona may attain 1.1 million levels Celsius, so most researchers initially thought it …

Intel Kills Optane Memory Business Entirely, Pays $559 Million to Exit

Update 08/02/2022 12:30am PT: Intel reached out to clarify that it would bring the next-gen Crow Pass Optane memory DIMMs to market and will use its existing inventory to fulfill orders. This wasn’t clear from Intel’s previous statement because this is technically a future product. We have clarified that point in the below text.

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Intel’s Q2 2022 earnings report today was uncharacteristically disappointing, but it also hides a new announcement: Intel is winding down its Optane business entirely. During the earnings call, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger clarified the vaguely worded announcement in the earnings documents, confirming that Intel will wind down its Optane business. The move incurs a $559 million inventory impairment/write-off. We reached out to Intel for comment on the matter:

“We continue to rationalize our portfolio in support of our IDM 2.0 strategy. This includes evaluating divesting businesses that are either not profitable or not core

Amazon’s ad business could grow bigger than AWS, analyst argues

Amazon Web Services (AWS) produced $19.7 billion in revenue during the company’s second quarter, the online tech giant announced as part of its earnings report on Tuesday.

And while AWS represented a significant share of Amazon (AMZN)’s overall revenue at 16.24%, one Wall Street analyst is predicting another area of ​​the business could surpass those contributions.

“When you see some of the bids around, some of the NFL, some of the other ad-based connected TV content they’re going after, there’s a long runway to grow their advertising business,” Nick Jones, an equity research analyst at JMP Securities, told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “That could be very, very profitable, potentially more than the AWS business longer term.”

Amazon generated $8.76 billion in advertising revenue in its second quarter. That revenue, which included things such as advertisements on the e-commerce website, contributed to an overall beat against Wall Street estimates.


Frustrated residents say abandoned business attracts vandalism, violence

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Krispy Krunchy Chicken, located near 13th and Broadway in Wichita, has been closed for months. There were plans to turn the restaurant into a wings and burger joint, but that never happened. Now, residents say it has become a magnet for vandalism and even some violence in that area.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Lacey Cruse lives near the vacant and now deteriorating building.

“I’ve picked up 3 hypodermic needles from the backyard, people come and urinate back here,” she said.

The building has become an eyesore for those who live near it, and some are concerned for their safety.

“I had to pull my taser once but I didn’t have to use it,” said Holly Piland, who lives across the street. “It’s just really scary with the homeless people.”

Cruse and Piland want to know how the property was able to get so bad.

“Just the length