Who Is Your Greatest Scientist Of All Time? (2)

The ScientistLiterature and science are two fundamental and basically totally different actions of human thoughts. Coleridge at one place has mentioned that the alternative of prose shouldn’t be poetry however verse, and the opposite of poetry shouldn’t be prose but science. Literature is a approach of experiencing the world which naturally finds its expression in either a sort of prose or a extra totally ordered rhythm which is known as verse while science is altogether one other way of experiencing the world. It represents a different habit of thoughts. Nevertheless we should not suppose that as a result of these principles are opposites, due to this fact if we undertake one we must exclude the other. Nor do we’ve got any intention in our thoughts of suggesting that one among these things is best than the opposite. Human life wants both for its richness and perfection.

Hi CAS,its really humorous scenario. ICAR has adapted UGC scales and then tries to amends a few of UGC recommendations. There is a lot of discrepancy in its saying and doings. Earlier ICAR has completely different pay bundle for its scientists and it was somewhat similar to scientists of different organizations like CSIR & DRDO. Scientists have been accessed after every 5 12 months and promoted to subsequent scale. Then ICAR tailored UGC scales below stress from Scientists discussion board. Now ICAR follows UGC pay scales in toto however inserts its own clauses. UGC modified designation of Assist. professors/Lectures SG to Associate Professors who’ve completed 6 years on or after 1.1.2006 but ICAR did not do it. It didn’t make clear whether or not Scientists in Scientist (SG) shall be mechanically turn into Senior Scientist or they have to be reassessed for change of designation.

This is obscure why ICAR is treating its Scientist’s differently when it is following UGC pay package. It has to comply with UGC pay package deal in toto. UGC has designated lecturer (SG) as Associate Professor however ICAR designated its Scientists(SG) as Scientist. This clause has made all the distinction. This discrimination, however, is not going to stand a single hearing within the courtroom. You shouldn’t have every other possibility left at your hand and the authorized manner stays the only path left to redress your grievances. As per the reliable sources, many staff have represented their case however didn’t get any assurance. You may get in touch with Scientists having related destiny and associating their instances with you strengthen your case in the court.

In response to your comment on my previous query. I labored in an NGO KVK since April, 2000 in pay scales 8000-275-13500 until jan,2006 and 15600-39,one hundred with AGP 5,600(there isn’t a CAS at NGO KVKs) and subsequently I was selected as Program coordinator in the identical KVK by means of interview and palced in 15,600-39,a hundred AGP 8000 IN April, due insecurity in the NGO KVK, I was shifted to SAU after selected as Assistant professor (15,600-39,a hundred AGP 6000) in june,2013.because the SAU dont contemplate my NGO KVK expertise for direct choice as Associate professor at SAU. The SAU oficials informed that NGO KVK experience shall be considered for CAS and shall be promoted as Associate proessor via CAS after probation declared at SAU.

The scientific method is a manner of asking questions and developing with solutions, there is a logical order of procedures that help scientist find their conclusions. We can say the Scientific Method captures the core logic of science (testing ideas with evidence). Following the procedures within the scientific method helps scientist to avoid biases, and one of the ways in which that is completed is how we method the work we set out to examine. Falsifiability: scientist don’t attempt to find proof that proves them right (which may create bias ) they attempt to refute and falsify their investigations, and if their testing holds sway it adds slightly extra confidence in their remark and analysis.