UPVC Doors or Wooden Doors? Which One Is The Best Door?

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The battle has been raging between UPVC doors and wooden doors. Which one is better? 

UPVC doors are Purely made out of plastic whereas wooden doors are made out of wood. 

To determine which type of door serves as the best option you ought to answer a few questions.

These questions range from what type of environment you’re living in, the type of climate you experience to how secure your neighborhood is.

Doors are essentially the main security measure we put across to protect us from any external threat.

So it is fair to say that picking out the correct type of door is crucial. 

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With this in mind let us see the differences between UPVC doors and wooden doors.

UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) doors.

UPVC doors all-weather doors, they are very strong and they can withstand any type of weather, be it a storm or any type of harsh weather throughout all the seasons.

UPVC is energy efficient compared to other types of door materials.

If you have a wooden door that is outside and exposed to rain or any other elements of weather then you have probably noticed that it swells up after some time.

This is because the wood that makes up the door absorbs moisture from the air which resultantly expands in warm temperatures and contracts in cold temperatures.

The constant expanding and contracting of the wooden door changes its original shape which resultantly causes issues with the way the door fits the opening.

If you live in an area that is humid year-round, the door will swell. So to prevent this you should get UPVC doors. 

UPVC doors have double-sealed windows, this helps to keep rainwater outside as much as possible.

Also in areas where you may experience a lot of dust, these Windows help to prevent dust from entering.

UPVC doors are available in several hues for example you could get one in mahogany, dark oak, golden oak, rustic oak, walnut, etc.

So if you love the wood appearance you can find a UPVC door painted to resemble a wooden door. 

UPVC doors also help reduce the heat coming from outside, they keep the place cool and help reduce your electricity bills from the air conditioning.

Wooden doors.

We all know one of the biggest and the greatest benefits of wooden doors is their looks.

The natural look it has umps up the elegant feel of your front door. A UPVC door, however, might not have a natural look like that of a wooden door.

Also, wooden doors come in a wider range of designs than the UPVC doors.

This appeal goes beyond how they look. I can challenge you to search for any other door material that feels or smells as good as wooden doors.

The fact that wooden doors are adaptable, means that they can be tailored either in size, wood type, or even designed specifically to your home’s design or theme.

The biggest benefit of wooden doors is their myriad of design options which range from dark wood, white grain, light wood, painted surfaces, tight grain to simple or intricate design work.

Everything is possible! 

One important thing people consider while building or looking for homes is security.

How well is the house secure to keep away any external threat. Most of the time this comes down to what time of doors the house has.

Can the doors be easily broken into or can they withstand a lot of damage?

Wooden doors compared to UPVC are stronger and can not be easily broken into, so if your neighborhood has security concerns, then you should get wooden doors. 


There you go! Some of the differences between UPVC doors and wooden doors. 

So you might ask which one is better: UPVC doors or wooden doors?

This completely depends on the type of environment and neighborhood you are planning to build your house in or your house is currently in.

If the weather you experience is constantly hot and humid, then a wooden door might not be the best option.

If you live in an area where break-ins are a constant issue, then UPVC doors might also not be a good option,

Way out the pros and cons of each type of door and see which one works best for you.