Tips and Tricks for Class 10 Mathematics Board Examination

Mathematics is one of the high scoring subjects in class 10. To score good marks, it requires a smart approach. Through regular practice and understanding of the concepts, you can easily score in mathematics. The class 10 math’s concepts are based on the concepts of numbers, trigonometry, volume, perimeter and area formulas. You should have to be clear with the concepts. Practicing more and more problems helps to increase the accuracy of writing the answers and it develops rational and logical thinking. Here are some of the important tips and tricks to attempt the class 10 math’s board examination paper.

Use first 15 Minutes Effectively

Before writing the answers, the first thing you have to do is read and analyses the question paper whether what questions are being asked and how much are allotted to the questions. You should present your answers logically and comprehensively based on that. Utilize the 15 minutes time to go through the question paper thoroughly and make a rough plan to present the accurate answer.

Priorities the Questions to Attempt

Read all the questions in the allocated time and priorities the questions in the category wise like easy, manageable and tough. First, always attempt the easy questions and move on to the manageable questions and then finally move to the tough ones. Because it is natural that you start worrying from the moment when you find some tough questions. Don’t get worried about those questions. Because it will affect your performance during the examination time. So once you finished answering the easy and manageable questions, your confidence will grow to attempt the tough ones.

Speed and Accuracy

Use mathematics tricks that quickens calculations and make sure that your answers are correct. Avoid silly mistakes such as an error in the sign like + or – operators, skipping of steps etc. While writing the answer, use understandable and simple language. Always keep on eye on your watch to manage the time.

Neat and Clean

Write the answers in legible handwriting and your answer should be neat and clean. Don’t skip any steps while solving problems. Use punctuations, proper space, margins, and highlight the formulas from geometry, trigonometry, algebra like the area of a trapezium, rectangle etc. Your answer sheet presentation should be favorable for you to score a good mark.

Revise your answers

After attempting all the questions, start revising the answers without wasting time. You might have made some mistakes while writing the answers in a hurry. Correct those errors and give relevant answers.

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