The Parts of the House and Their Functions

House is a place of refuge and rest from tiring daily activities. This very vital function of the house makes the house categorized as a primary need. Well, inside the house there are parts that are always there to support the homeowner’s daily activities.
The parts of the house have their own functions and purposes. However, not all of these parts are important or mandatory to have. It’s a good idea to know the function of each part of the house before you buy or build a house. The following is the explanation in this article:

1. Parts of the Front Garden House

The front garden becomes the face of a house before you enter it. Usually residents and guests who come will pass through the garden in front of the house which is decorated with various plants, trees, fences and statues.
But not all houses have a front garden. The most common reason is because the land area is limited or the area is already used for other needs.

2. Parts of the Terrace House

After passing through the front garden, you will usually find the terrace of the house. Terraces are often ignored by some people, so they are sometimes not designed attractively.
In fact, the terrace can be a corner to unwind. You can do various activities on the terrace such as drinking tea, relaxing with your family to welcoming guests who come to your house.

3. Parts of the Living Room

As the name implies, the main function of the living room is to introduce guests who visit your residence. As a rule, the living room is located not far from the front door. Meanwhile, in most dwellings, normally the living room is placed side by side with the central or family room.

4. Parts of the TV or Family Room

The TV room or commonly known as the family room is an additional room. Usually this room is used by family members to spend free time together. Like, watching movies, family gatherings, or just chatting.
It’s no wonder that the family room is usually filled with items such as DVD players, TVs, sofas, and so on. The location of the family room is usually located in the middle area between the living room, dining room and kitchen.

5. Parts of the Bathroom

Like the bedroom, the bathroom is also an important part of the house. Even though the time spent in the bathroom may only be a little, in fact the bathroom has a crucial function.
Not only as a room for cleaning, the bathroom is usually joined together with a toilet or a place to urinate and defecate. Some even use the bathroom as a place to wash clothes at the same time.

6. Parts of the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place for residents to rest after doing their daily activities. So that the quality of your sleep is maximized, you can design the bedroom according to your wishes.
Apart from the bed, in the bedroom you can also add a wardrobe, work desk, and air conditioning. Usually the bedroom area is far from a busy area, if your house is on the 2nd floor the bedroom can be on the top floor area.