Anjad Public Higher Secondary School Anjad, Barwani

Public SchoolI assume, and I could be incorrect, that there are to many individuals who couldn’t afford privatized education. The absence of public schooling would create a serious decline within the education of our youth there by leading to a serious decline of the nation as a complete.

very informational hub. not all youngsters from personal college are spoiled brats, however ur right it is the final image :-p there are public schools which can be approach above non-public faculties, like the Regional Science High School in Gusa, but as you have mentioned, the issues with public faculties are the shortage of facilities (or proper maintenance) and sufficient quality materials. the gov’t gave a number of computers to public schools years ago, however they were never used as a result of there was no technician and pc trainer. sad…public schools must be on par with private colleges. the phil. gov’t should …

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