Modern Tropical House Design Ideas

Having a house like in Bali may be a dream for everyone. The best way is of course to make a modern tropical house model. In building a house, we need to consider several factors, one of which is climate.

Tropical modern design house is an architectural style that can withstand tropical climates and weather. Each component of the building is designed in such a way that light can enter and leave freely.

Since the climate in Indonesia is tropical, it is very fitting if we design a house with a tropical modern design. Let’s look at some tropical home design ideas below

High Ceiling

Houses with high ceilings can improve the air circulation system so that the house feels cooler and more comfortable.

In addition to the ceiling, the house can be designed with voids, ceilings that penetrate up to the second floor. Void can facilitate airflow and make the room seem spacious.

Modern Tropical House with Wooden Concept

Wood is an effective material to reduce cold. We can save energy because we don’t need to use the air conditioner too often.

What’s more, wood is easy to carve so it can give an artistic and unique impression to your home.

Modern Tropical Home Garden

Limited land often makes us forget to provide a special space for the garden. Whereas hot weather and high humidity can be handled with a tropical garden. In addition to beautifying the room, plants can make the house seem cooler even in the middle of the city.

Large Glass Doors and Windows

Glass doors and windows make the room feel brighter and brighter. Sunlight that can enter the room freely and air circulation is also better. In addition, glass doors and windows make the house seem more stylish and modern.


Vines can serve to block the sun’s heat. In addition to beautifying the house, vines are useful for providing oxygen for us. In addition, vines can be a source of oxygen for homes that have fish ponds.

Swimming pool

A tropical house is incomplete without a swimming pool. You must have this, especially if you like swimming. In addition to exercising, you can refresh without leaving the house.

Fish pond

The sound of the gurgling water produced by the fish pond can give a cool and fresh impression to the home area. Fish ponds are also suitable for those of you who are stressed due to tasks or work. Seeing the movements of the fish can lift the feeling of fatigue that you feel.

Paint Neutral Colors for a Modern Tropical House

Neutral colors are suitable for those of you who want to relieve stress. Neutral colors can make our minds calm and serene. Combining neutral colors with green plants will be the right combination and add aesthetic value to the house.

Less is More

Tropical room decorations tend to be minimal. Leave space in each room so that it is not crowded. Choose the color of the furniture that is in harmony with the room so that it displays an elegant impression.

Hammock (Hammock)

In addition to beds, hammocks can be an alternative for us to rest. Hammock can give a unique and different impression to the room. The hammock swing also makes us relax, making it easier for us to fall asleep.

A Natural Touch To Modern Tropical Home Decor

Plants can give a natural touch to the room, but other home furnishings can also give a natural effect. We can decorate the house by using wooden floors, rattan chairs, and wooden tables.