Find out what type of paint would suit your house

How To Match Furniture To Wall Paint | Best Color Combinations

If you are a DIY enthusiast you are probably wondering what color of paint to go with as a result of the plethora of choices. Are you looking to give that old room a new aesthetic look or are you probably hoping to sell your property and you want to put it in the best shape so it is better value in the market? You can find out all you need to know about selecting paint by visiting

What paint do I select?

Paint comes in a variety of sheens as they could either be latex or oil. One of the most commonly available and preferred choices of paint is latex paint as it’s easy to clean up and has long-lasting durability. There are claims that it is more fade resistant than the other category and it’s more commonly recommended by lots of people as used for their walls and household uses.

Oil-based paint is one of the best choices for priming wood moldings and trimming it to seal stains and knots from the wood better than latex painted wood. But the downside is it takes longer to dry than latex, so if you insist on using oil paints you would have to give more time to drying. But these different paint types have their use cases. If you need more on this topic you can read about online retailers selling different paints.

Should I go with this paint?

Here are some use cases. The glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean up, for rooms with kids or the room has high traffic in the number of people entering and leaving like a playroom or maybe greased during the kitchen activity, then it is preferable to opt for high gloss paints as you can easily wipe the wall with a damp sponge, but this will leave blemishes on the wall which would be more apparent if the room were a living room, this can be unpleasant. High gloss paints are great for giving nice finished looks.

Your kitchens can probably go with semi-gloss sheens, your bath will do as well. In those parts of your home, you will need ease of wash-ability and less shine than the gloss. This is even slightly cheaper than its counterpart. It’s a great alternative if you need your paint to be easily cleaned without a shine of a gloss.

Does your wall have a lot of imperfections? With one coat of matte or flat, you can do a pretty good job. Here’s the downside as the paint doesn’t stay well with a good cleaning and does tend to show dirt on the walls of the room, the most common in this category is the paint from eggshell, this hides a lot of imperfections like flat does but it is easier to wash, smoother and more durable. If that does it for you then it’s a great choice.

The right paint for your home is largely relative, so before picking one over the other, ensure you take the aforementioned factors into consideration.