Creating Fairness and Equality in The Classroom

There are so many issues that go on in the school systems, that it is difficult to track what is most important for children and students. There are so many things to consider when thinking about what is most important for students. What is important for students is making sure that they receive the best education possible from the most qualified teachers without having to worry about inequality or judgment from anyone. In some classrooms there happens to be many situations where students are feeling left out and or feel that they are not being treated fairly. For example, one of the things that make students feel like they are not being treated fairly is when they are assigned group work. Sometimes teachers allow their students to choose their own groups or sometimes teachers assigned groups. But what happens to those students with have no friends or no one to speak to, and no students ask them to be in their groups? It is important that teachers use a random team generator online when selecting teams for group projects to avoid any child feeling left out.

According to, self-esteem and depression issues are found to have been present in many children at young ages. There are a variety of reasons for the cause of their emotional issues. For example, some could relate to how they were raised by their parents and or guardians. Parent who have strict physical discipline or a lack of emotional affection towards their children are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem. It is important to consider how important it is to make sure that we help children and students uplift their self-esteem and reduce their risk of being depressed. When they are depressed they also are less likely to perform well in school.

According to, 64.5 percent of students reported that a teacher has negatively impacted them in some way. Teachers can assist with reducing depression and or the feeling of being left out by requiring that the student only form groups that are automatically generated. If the teacher is responsible for grouping, student may look at that as judging. Student can feel left out as well because they may feel that the teacher is selecting certain students to be grouped with certain students because of their social status, intelligence, etc. The only way to eliminate this from the minds of student is that they are fully aware that grouping will only be done automatically. That way, no one can be left out or feel degraded in any way.

With the high rate of suicide and depression with young students it is imperative that teachers do their part and find ways that they can prevent affecting their students negatively. Many teachers are oblivious to how much their teaching style and how they interact with a student can affect them. Young students already face a lot of stress and pressure from being a teenager. They do not need to suffer any longer. Creating fairness and equality should be the main priority among all teachers.