Air Conditioner Maintenance, Repair or Replacement

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The air conditioner was invented in Buffalo, New York by Willis Carrier. In 1902, the device was first used to control processing inside of a printing plant. The device was used to heat objects. The equipment manipulated steam in order to do this. So when the inventor reversed the process, which was the idea of sending air through hot coils; the coils were now being sent through cold coils.

So that is how the air conditioner was invented. How the Air Conditioner was Invented. Not only did the cooling device lower the temperature within the surrounding area, it also was able to manage the humidity in the area.

Statistics show that over 88{77460cc62ec56551cc1dbfb503f411e3d41c1b7c4a3cf350cd32d10a76f2ef4a} of all homes small family homes included air conditioning. Having an air conditioner during extreme temperatures can prohibit hyperthermia, dehydration, heat stroke and more. Very high temperatures is can be very dangerous not only to humans but also to animals.

How to maintain an air conditioner

After purchasing an air conditioner it is very important to know how to maintain it. Maintaining a new device is the way to go in order to get you money’s worth. Air conditioners can last a good while if they are properly taken care of. Always make sure the thermostat is set accordingly. If the thermostat is set too low the AC will have to work that much more harder in order to cool the home. If this type of behavior persists, then the AC will become overworked, which will cause it to eventually breakdown. An AC is last much longer if it is kept at a setting that is high enough for it to cool the area easily and efficiently.

AC repair or replacement

Keeping the filter of an AC is important. The more dirt, debris or dust that has collected on the filter the harder it will have to work. Often when the air conditioner is hanging out of the window it is subject to rain, frost, dust or cold so keep an eye on it. When shopping for new filters seek the help of a store clerk to assist. Do not just guess on the type, you may end up having to bring it back for an exchange. Once you know the exact type and size write it down for future use. If even after replacing the filters, the AC is still not working up to par, it may need an AC repair or replacement.

There are numerous ways to detect the condition of an AC. The need for an AC repair or replacement may be coming around the corner if it is noticed that the cooling device is simply not working efficiently. It takes energy for an AC to work so if the AC is not working its best than that is energy being wasted. If your air conditioner is constantly leaking, due to a huge buildup of condensation and at the same time it breaking down constantly, it may be a wise to start looking for another one.

In many cases once an air conditioner has been for more than 10 years it may start needed repairs. If the repairs are inexpensive, that’s fine, however if they are costly it may be time to go shopping for a more modern device. The same goes for air conditioners that use Freon. Freon is not being made anymore for air condition use. To eliminating of Freon for this purpose is to conserve energy. For this reason many customers are updating their older cooling devices for new ones.