5 Ways to Learn Effectively and Efficiently

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Whatever the job requires requires a principle of effectiveness and efficiency. Work done effectively and efficiently will lead a person to achieve good and satisfactory results. The principle of effectiveness and efficiency definitely requires certain procedures and steps.

So is the case with student learning activities. In order to obtain the desired learning outcomes or learning achievements there needs to be procedures and steps in the learning activities. In fact, all students can do learning activities well. It’s just that mastering the way of effective and efficient learning will achieve better learning outcomes.


How to learn effectively and efficiently? Here are some alternative ways that students might apply:


  1. Learn at the right time

Learning activities require concentration so easily absorbed learning materials. This means learning activities can not be interspersed with other activities. Therefore, home study is done at a time that makes it possible to learn.

Find a learning time that enables students to concentrate fully. Usually each student has a different time in learning. There are some students who like to learn at school time, there is an afternoon or evening, there are even some who learn early morning. The role of parents is very important to guide children looking for the right time in learning.


  1. Learn in a comfortable atmosphere

It is impossible to learn in a frenzy. Therefore create a comfortable atmosphere and learning conditions. If it is not possible to study at home, try looking for another quiet and comfortable place. For example in a shady place and cool air. Free from noise.


3. Learning equipped materials and learning resources

The school notebook needs to be supplemented with a relevant learning resource book. Similarly, gadgets that have internet connection can be used to find out something related to the subject matter.


  1. Learn regularly

Students’ habits are to pile up or procrastinate the learning so that the subject matter learned becomes many. Or just learn when there is a repeat in school. This is a bad habit and can cause laziness to learn.


You should get used to study regularly even if only a few minutes.


  1. Learn in groups

Learning groups more effectively than alone. With the group can discuss or exchange ideas about the subject matter that is discussed. In addition to sharing knowledge with members of the group. addition to the spirit also teaches students to learn to work with other students

Thus 5 effective and efficient ways to learn at home to achieve satisfactory learning