4 Common Issues That Can Arise in Your Gas Line

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Gas Line Repair

There was this story of a family who just moved into a new house in Sydney. After a week in their new house, the children constantly felt dizzy and nauseous. The parents thought it was food poisoning but they are not sure about it. Soon, the parents began feeling the same as their children. The dizziness intensified as they got near the kitchen. 

Eventually, the smell of rotten eggs became strong. This puzzled them because they didn’t have eggs in the kitchen. The parents decided to call a gas hot water repairs Sydney service. It is because most of their colleagues and friends told them that it might be a gas leak. As expected, the smell of a rotten egg is coming out from the kitchen stove. There was a gas leak on the pipes connected to it. So, the gas fitters had to replace the pipe to resolve the issue.

Our gas line system is connected to a natural gas supply that powers up our home and heating appliances. They are connected to our dryers, fireplace, ovens, stoves, and water heaters. When there is a malfunction in our gas plumbing system, gases can enter the house and bring potential dangers. That is why it is important to identify what are the most common issues that can arise in your gas line.


Natural substances like debris, dirt, and insects can enter our gas pipes. There are also times when the gas pipes’ movement or heat can result in a dent in a gas pipe. If water penetrates our ceilings and walls, it can corrode the gas pipes and lead to rusting. All these issues can result in a blockage in your gas line. A build-up of substances inside the gas pipe can block the flow of natural gas inside it. Pipe dents hinder the distribution of natural gas among the connected appliances. While rust can damage the pipes causing natural gas to escape or leak.

Heating Equipment Malfunction

Our home and heating appliances are subject to wear-and-tear. They become less reliable as they grow old. Their parts eventually weaken and malfunction as they age. Any heating equipment that malfunctioned in your house can be a safety hazard. They can result in an explosion, fire, and health issues. That is why gas hot water repairs in Sydney recommend shutting down defective appliances immediately. 


The common causes of gas leaks are:

  • Our home and heating appliances such as dryers, fireplaces, ovens, stoves, and water heaters generate heat as they are used. As the heat enters inside the gas pipes, they corrode and wear out both the pipes and seals. These can potentially cause a gas leak. 
  • Your gas plumbing system is a maze of crisscross pipes and fittings. As they age, the pipe will wear out and sometimes disconnect. In other cases, tree roots may have invaded the pipes and caused a break or crack. These result in a gas leak.
  • When our house is poorly ventilated, hot air cannot escape and there’s a high level of carbon dioxide present on the inside air. These gases can clog the gas pipes and damage them. Over time, they can result in a gas leak. 

Gas leaks are one of the most common issues that arise in a gas line. They are the most dangerous, too. So, it is important to immediately call gas hot water repairs in Sydney to fix the issue and keep you safe.

Valve Issues

Gas valves are devices that control the flow of natural gas inside our house. It is important to control the flow so that only the natural gas we need can enter the house. Natural gases can be very harmful when they mix with the air inside our house. When the cylinders in the valve break, there will be a block in the natural flow of gas within our gas plumbing system. 

This is very dangerous because if the gases are compressed, they can result in the following dangers:

  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Oxygen Deficiency
  • Physical Hazards
  • Toxic Gas Exposure

If you have identified some valve issues, it is best to immediately call a gas plumber in Sydney to fix the issue and keep you safe.